At Whites, we follow strict hygiene protocols that match the highest standards in the industry since inception and we would like to reassure you that during this extraordinary period we have raised our health safety measures and initiatives even higher. We are going the extra mile to deliver the faultless quality & safety that you have come to expect from us. We are closely following the directives issued by WHO and the protocols set by global professional Textile Care partners, while being in full compliance with all the recent directions from government authorities.

Here we are sharing just a few of the hygiene best-practices we follow at Whites.

Our Processing Facility & Operations

  • Deep cleaning of laundry area several times daily
  • Washing & Dry-Cleaning Machines and other equipment cleaned and sterilized every day
  • A full disinfecting spraying carried out for machines, floors and entire work area, run twice per day
  • Premium German-made mix of detergents and cleaning agents, that includes at least two sterilization agents that has been certified to eliminate viruses and bacteria
  • All items are steamed at a temperature of 150C that will ensure the total elimination of any viruses or germs.

Our Laundry Team

  • All standard health and hygiene guidelines are strictly followed and monitored with our laundry team before starting the shift
  • Masks, hairnet and gloves are used all the time throughout the order processing cycle
  • Hand sanitizers are supplied at each work station
  • No direct hand-touch policy is strictly applied for ready to pack items
  • Uniforms are used one time only and go for wash after every shift

Our Client Service Team

  • Professional Client Service team trained to follow personal hygiene guidelines including frequent handwashing and sanitization at constant intervals
  • Gloves, are worn on the shop floor, masks are also used by our remote CSRs
  • Uniforms washed after every shift
  • No direct hand-touch policy for finished items.
  • Alcohol Sanitizers are being used after collecting every order

Our Shops

  • Shops are thoroughly cleaned & disinfected following international guidelines
  • Gadgets are cleaned and disinfected after every use
  • All surfaces, and point of touch areas are continuously sanitized many times during the day
  • Contactless card payments are encouraged instead of Cash
  • Hand Sanitizers are being supplied for the use of our clients at each shop

Our Drivers & Fleet

  • Client Service Rep & Drivers follow no-hand-touching of clothes policy
  • Delivery Vans deep-cleaned and monitored
  • Sterilizing policy for the Van cockpit every hour
  • CSRs and drivers wear masks, gloves and follow hygiene best-practices

Your health and of the wider community are our priority, so we encourage you to make use of our free pick up and next day delivery service during this period of social distancing.

Take care of your loved ones and yourself, stay safe, stay healthy.