Wellness For Your
Designer Pieces

Haute Couture as a sector is classified as the highest form of fashion. Artisans perceives their creation as a form of art; harnessed from outstanding aptitude, craftsmanship, finesse, far-reaching knowledge and ingenuity in fine fabric and haberdashery. Such masterpiece is entitled with unparalleled care.

Whites Couture services offers exceptional cleaning and restoration techniques, whether it’s a couture piece of garment, wedding gown or designer bag or shoes. This particular service will be handled exclusively by highly skilled specialists who fully understand the value of your belongings; thus, preserving the authenticity of each piece.

Garments & Accessories

Garments will undergo several stages of care process. Initially, every item is identified by: garment & fabric type, brand name and color, including thorough inspection with HD photography to identify & document the pre-existing condition of each piece before the processing stage.

Stains are carefully being examined & checked for specific removal technique. Minor damages will be professionally fixed. Buttons, accessories, ornaments will either be protected or temporarily removed. Cleaning and pressing methods are based on the care labels examined firstly by professionals in order to identify suitable techniques and accurate sequenced stages of processing. Each piece will be hand-finished at each stage of the process and thoroughly reviewed for outstanding results.

Lastly, the garment will be placed in our exclusive couture packaging; in an elegant custom made suit-bag and wooden hangers as good as the first time it was bought!

Price (Starting/AED)

Designers T-Shirt/Polo Shirt 39

Designers Shirt/Blouse/Pants/Skirt 49

Designers Sweater/Cardigan 89

Couture Jacket/Blazer/Coat 129

Designers Suit 169

Haute Couture Dress 149

Designers Abaya/Thoub/Bisht 149

Designers Scarf/Sheila/Tie 49

Designers Occasion Hats/Fascinators 69

Price (Starting/AED)

Men Wallet/Cards holder 129

Purse 199

Belt 149

Belt wide/accessorized 199

Gloves 129

Cap/Hat 149

Top or Bottom 249

Waist Jacket 299

Jacket 349

Coat 399

Short Dress 349

Long Dress 399

Shoes & Bags

The process for bags and shoes is handled by our own craftsmen who have years of expertise in high-end brands, specializing in restoration of timeless pieces. Equipped with complete set of tools, high-grade materials, and cutting-edge techniques on dirt and stain removal, our team can revive any irreplaceable designer pieces close to its original state.

Once the cleaning process is complete, the item will undergo detailed inspection for any advisable restoration needed work, Hand-finishing touches and final sanitization will be carried out on each couture piece ensuring safety and consistent high-quality outcome

Price (Starting/AED)

Flat Sandals 129

Flat Shoes 129

Trainers 129

Sneakers 149

Heeled Sandals/Shoes 149

Formal 149

Booties 179

Boots 199

High Boots 249

Price (Starting/AED)

Sandals 89

Shoes 99

Boots 129

Price (Starting/AED)

Mini/Small bag/Clutch 299

Medium bag (Regular Size) 399

Large bag 499

Briefcase 399

Backpack (Regular Size) 399

Travel Handbag 599

Preserve Your Most
Beautiful Memories

Your wedding piece is the most important dress of your life! It is deeply connected to your emotions in a way that it brings back priceless and timeless memories. Such garments need special treatment and utmost care.

No matter how delicate your wedding dress is, we will clean and hand finish it for you to the highest possible standards. Every gown receives individual attention. We take extra care to protect those delicate beads, embroidery, and lace in the cleaning & steaming process. After processing, we carefully wrap your dress in special casing and return it to your specified location. This delicate process will ensure that your wedding piece is beautifully kept and preserved for generations to come.

Wedding Dress 390 AED to 1,490 AED

Restoration Services

Shoes & Bags can have an additional optional restoration & repair services such as shoes tips, sole replacement, color restoration or color change, leather edge fixing and protection ...etc.
These additional services will be reported back after receiving the item and being examined by our Shoes & Bags Specialist, restoration report and a quotation will be sent for approval.

Stains Removal

While we pride ourselves on developing the most comprehensive & complex range of stain removing solutions & techniques and that we will do our best to remove stubborn stain/s safely, nevertheless, stain removal is not always guaranteed, processing charges will still be applicable in any case.

Service Turnaround Time

• 3 to 5 days for couture garments
• 5 to 7 days for wedding dresses
• 7 to 10 days for Shoes & Bags or Leather/Suede, Garments & Accessories
(TAT will vary depending on the piece complexity)

Couture Express Service (Limited Availability)

50% surcharge is applicable for turnaround time shorter than standard. Check with your Client Service Representative for Express Service conditions & availability.

• Prices are exclusive of tax and subject to 5% VAT
• Prices are for specialized cleaning only, any restoration or major fixing work will be quoted and invoiced separately.