Dry Cleaning Basics And Characteristics Of The Best Dry Cleaners In Dubai Marina

22 Feb 2021

You may be eager to get rid of your laundry and hand over your clothes for dry cleaning to a suitable dry cleaner near you. But have you ever questioned the process after your clothes reach the dry cleaner? We often underestimate the importance of research regarding getting dry cleaning services or choosing suitable ones.

Because of unawareness, you may be missing out on many benefits and peculiarities that need your attention. Before you blindly pick one of the dry cleaners in Dubai Marina, we thought you should know how dry cleaning works and how you can choose the best services.

What Is Dry Cleaning?

It may sound surprising to many, but dry cleaning is anything but ‘dry.’ Don’t let the name mislead you because dry cleaning involves liquids for cleaning. When you drop off the clothes at the dry cleaners, the professionals use special liquid agents to deep clean your clothes. It could be a PERC or some other environment-friendly solution. These solutions are extracted from the clothes after the cleaning, which are then steam pressed.

Realizing The Difference Between Laundry And Dry Cleaning

Because of incomplete knowledge, people often misunderstand dry cleaning and its actual price. Many times you can find some local dry cleaner who charges a considerably low price. But who knows? Your clothes may only be getting laundered and pressed. The dry cleaner who’s charging more is not necessarily lying. The thing is, you need to be aware of the different types of dry cleaning services.

If you don’t know about the different ways of getting your clothes cleaned, you may either end up paying more or get the wrong services in the name of low prices. If you are dealing with light soiled clothes, professional laundering will work well enough. Dry cleaning may be needed only for heavily soiled clothes or made from "dry clean only" material.

Do All Fabrics Need Dry Cleaning?

No. Dry cleaning is a deep cleaning method that should not be opted for all fabrics. The label on your garments will let you know whether it needs to be dry cleaned or washed simply. Generally, cotton and linen garments can be simply washed and pressed, while woolens require dry cleaning.

How Does A Professional Dry Cleaner Deal With Your Clothes?

You will probably look for a suitable dry cleaner in Dubai Marina and drop off your clothes for cleaning. But what happens after that

Once you deliver your clothes to dry cleaning professionals, they start to sort them according to the type of cleaning needed. They are then sent to the appropriate machines. While some dry cleaners have a separate facility for the entire cleaning process and a storefront for dropping and pickup, the others may have everything at the same place. Your clothes are cleaned, pressed, and folded/hung up accordingly. They rest on the conveyor until you pick them up or they are delivered to you.

Finding A Perfect Local Dry Cleaner

It's often easy to search for a "dry cleaner near me" and randomly choose a service that seems the most convenient. However, it's not the right way to find local dry cleaners in Dubai Marina. There are chances that you won’t be satisfied, or there are better services out there that you are missing out on. Here are some aspects to consider while you choose dry cleaning services.

1. Online Reviews And Word Of Mouth

The dry cleaning industry still lacks standardization when it comes to the quality of service. While many companies would offer great service, they may fail to offer an appropriate customer experience or vice versa. Since you won’t want to take a chance with your clothes, we suggest you check out customer reviews first. It will offer you an insight into the quality and type of services they offer. It will let you know if they messed up or misplaced any clothes of their customers’ clothes.

However, online reviews may not always be reliable. If the dry cleaning company maintains a positive online presence, there are chances that the reviews may be fake. In that case, you can enquire about a local dry cleaner from existing customers. Mostly negative experiences find their way easily into more people. You can get some insights into their work if you observe and listen carefully.

2. Garment Inspection And Customer Services

You often leave stains on the clothing before dropping it off at the dry cleaner. A good dry cleaner will examine the clothes you give away before starting a cleaning process. Any damages to the clothing must be documented.

A cleaner who looks for unaddressed damages or stains on the clothes and takes appropriate action to get rid of them will be a great choice for the long term. It is suggestible that the service provider is interested in giving extra time and efforts to offering you quality services.

3. Availability, Turnaround Time And Pricing

Pricing is an important factor you have to consider before you hand over your clothes for cleaning. It is important to see how these services will affect your budget. Although it’s going to take away a lot of your load, you would not want an unexpectedly large bill.

Another important thing is timing. If you are not getting delivery and pickup options, you will have to drop off and pick up laundry. Inconvenient store hours could make things difficult. You, therefore, need to check the store hours so that your routine doesn’t get interrupted.

In case you are giving away your regular laundry for cleaning, you may need most of it as early as possible. Based on different fabrics, materials and outfits, consider the turnaround time you are given.

4. Pick Up And Delivery Options 

We live in a time when most of the services can be delivered to our doorsteps. Getting pick up and delivery services for laundry could be something really helpful. Certainly, in busy times like this, dry cleaners in Dubai Marina offers delivery and pickup become more preferable.

5. Experience

There’s no wrong in choosing a newly established company if you are getting quality services. However, experienced professionals are always more reliable when it comes to handing over your valuable clothes. Feel free to ask questions and find if the service provider also has professional certification or affiliation.


Despite being one of the major chores, we ignore the details involved in dry cleaning or laundry. This guide about dry cleaning and choosing the right dry cleaning services will surely help you to make better decisions and invest your resources in the right place.

By Whites