A Detailed Guide To Cleaning And Maintaining Curtains

10 Jun 2021

Curtains play a significant role in defining the house's interiors and affect the overall lighting of your rooms. A considerable investment is made in selecting the suitable curtains, matching their colors, opting for the right fabric, picking up the best quality. As a general rule, in busy households, curtains are not usually changed often and are reused for longer durations. However, there is no denying that being exposed to dust, dirt, etc., is closer to the windows and doors. Moreover, they are most challenging to clean due to the size and the heavy fabric they are made of.

Taking care of your curtains is essential to maintain your home's hygiene and make them stay durable and attractive. The unclean curtains usually get pale over time and make your interiors look dull. It is crucial to ensure that your curtains are cleaned at regular intervals and dusted to avoid any extra cluttering of dirt particles. A typical duration that you can stick to for regular curtain wash is one to three months, based on the amount of dust you see around you. This duration must be decided according to the pollution levels and factors like your house's location.

Note these few pointers that will help you in curtain washing to clean and maintain their texture and quality.

Regular Cleaning:

You may opt for handwashing all types of curtains. However, before tossing your curtains in your washing machine or soaking them in any detergent, read the care label instructions on the curtain carefully. Handwashing is usually the safest option for all the curtains. A piece of general advice often offered by the Whites laundry experts is mild detergents and lukewarm water for curtain cleaning. You would also want to read the detergent concentrations before adding them to your curtains. Many curtain fabrics suffer ruins due to harsh chemical-based detergents, and these damages are irreparable.

Our dry cleaning and laundry services offer cleaning the curtains according to their usage and type of knitting or manufacture. The experts segregate the curtains into three basic types:

  • Net/light curtains - These can be cleaned by easy processes and do not need extra care. You could do this easily at home by a regular washing machine using mild detergents and softeners.
  • Regular curtains are one-layer curtains and could be made out of several materials such as cotton, a mix of cotton & polyester, satin, or silk. While some of these can be cleaned at home, it is usually preferred to hand these for cleaning to the expert laundry services like Whites.
  • Black Out curtain- These curtains could come with different types of fabric and multiple layers. They are mostly made up of two layers: one is fabric-based, and the other layer is rubber-based. They may also have various layers of fabrics & rubber, which may need to be detached and reassembled before & after cleaning. An important aspect to note is that each layer may need a different cleaning & drying process - this is a complicated process. For these types of curtain cleaning, you surely need professional help as you would not want to ruin your curtains.

Drying Curtain After The Wash:

Overlooking the process of drying curtains leads to foul odors and the growth of bacteria. To dry your curtains instantly:

  • Stretch them outdoor on a sunny time. Alternatively, you can also put the curtains in a nicely ventilated place, keeping all the windows open and turning on fans to dry them immediately.
  • Avoid scorching areas as immediate sunlight ruins several curtain fabrics.
  • Find a partially dim spot, preferably. Only if it befits the material, dry them in a washing machine.
  • Browse the label to identify the maximum temperature the curtain fabric can bear.

Dry Cleaning Your Curtains:

Dry cleaning your curtains can be a good option, only if you have curtains that support dry cleaning. Well, it is a well-known fact that not all fabrics are suitable for dry cleaning. Some of them shrink or expand due to dry cleaning. Hence, you must check with our dry cleaning experts before you drop off your curtains for dry cleaning in Dubai. You may also try the dry cleaning at-home kits available.

Before you change your curtains to new ones and keep the old ones, ensure that you get the old ones dry and store them nicely.

Maintaining The Curtains On A Day-To-Day Basis:

Daily, you should ensure that you should clean your curtains using a small vacuum cleaner. Always dry clean your curtains from top to bottom. This way, all the dirt particles will get on the floor if they fall.

Some people are used to spraying room fresheners often, and they forget and spraying it on the curtains. Avoid doing that because it enhances the dirt sticking on the curtain fabric.

Important Aspects Not To Overlook:

Here are a few aspects that you must keep in mind before maintaining and cleaning the curtains:

  • Exclude hooks and weights and remove tapes before wash, so curtains are entirely flat.
  • Remove the dirt in your curtains by using a dryer kit before wet washing.
  • Do not load your washing machine as curtains become heavier when soaked.
  • Do not leave curtains on wood as this may stain your curtains.

Due to the fabrics and hook attached to the curtains, it becomes difficult to wash the curtains at home. The best method you can deploy for this is to get professional help for this process. Try finding the best laundry in Dubai, like Whites, for cleaning your curtains. Our experts will guarantee that the curtains are correctly taken care of through the usage of appropriate detergents.

By Whites