9 Amazing Laundry Hacks From A Professional Laundry In Dubai

16 Mar 2021

Managing your laundry is probably the most daunting task in your to-do-list everyday. You want your clothes to look fresh and tidy while the fabric doesn’t lose its quality. We understand you need a helping hand and that’s why we suggest you to find a perfect laundry in Dubai. However, when you do it yourself, some tips are likely to help you well. Considering your daily trouble we thought of compiling a list of laundry tips that professionals swear by and which would help you the best this year and forever.

Laundry Tips That Will Make Your Work Easier

Sometimes things are not as difficult as we think. Giving the normal washing some interesting twists will not only make it less burdensome but will give you better results.

Time To DIY - Make Your Own Non-Toxic Cleaners

Many people are allergic to detergents or some specific chemicals used in them. If that’s the case with you, it would be a great idea to either DIY your own detergent or look for one that doesn’t cause you trouble. While it’s important to rinse the clothes properly after washing, some residues still remain on the clothes.

Therefore, to ensure that your comfort is not hindered, consider checking your detergent. You can use some essential oils and soda to make a non-toxic cleaner which is borax free and leaves a fresh smell in your clothes. You may do the same for making detergent tabs.

Dealing With Your Socks

Irrespective of choosing the best laundry in Dubai there are high chances that you would lose a sock and ruin a pair. But we have a little tip to free you from your pain. Move all your socks in a lingerie bag and put it into the washing machine as it is. Since the bag is made of net, the socks will get cleaned and it’s lock system will keep them in one place. Thank us later.

Follow Instructions

It's good to follow specific instructions for washing different clothes. If you do so, consider noting down the instruction on the washing machine using a dry erase marker. This way, even if you get engaged in other tasks while clothes are still in the machine, or you’re not at home, others can follow the same instructions.

Everything will be done as you want and your clothes may remain intact. Generally, many things come to mind while washing clothes however, we often forget to implement them. Noting them down will help you remember the correct process and follow it.

Keep Your Towels Intact

Many times, your towels may feel less absorbent than usual. It could happen due to the use of fabric softeners and dryer sheets. The chemicals included in them often makes the fabric of towels hydrophobic and it retains less moisture. Even if you use a fabric softener, make sure to rinse the towels well in water after soaking them in the chemical.

Towels often get scratchy. This scratchiness may be caused by the rough use of sheets. To deal with these problems, you may soak your towel in vinegar diluted with water. Let it rest for a few  minutes and then wash.

Oh No Creases!

While drying your clothes, creases remain the most annoying part. Well, getting rid of them is quite easy. Just dry them on the pool noodles. Cut the noodles lengthwise and fix them accordingly on the lower portion of the hanger. When you hang the clothes on them, there would be no creases. Since pool noodles are smooth and curvy, drying becomes easier. Also, there’s less scope for the clothes to move which means no creases.


Shrinkage remains a big issue with most clothes. Well, we have an easy tip to deal with it. If you have any clothes that may have shrunk in size, consider soaking them in a mix of baby shampoo and lukewarm water. After some time, use a towel to pick up and stretch the fabric so that it can relax and doesn’t get smaller. This tip is one that a professional laundry in Dubai would swear by. You must try it yourself.

Drying Your Shoes

Drying your shoes is one of the most difficult tasks when the entire laundry is considered. If you simply put them into the dryer, they will surely deform by churning in. You surely never want this to happen. Here's a tip. Tie the lace of your shoes to the door of the dryer and let them hang inside while the dryer works. This way the drying won't take much time and your shoes will keep up their quality. You can get a sneaker dryer otherwise it would work just like the lingerie bags worked for socks.

Dealing With Color Stained Clothes

While washing your clothes, accidents like color leaks happen often. That's why it's very important to sort clothes before putting them to wash. Well, the next big mistake would be putting all stained clothes into the dryer. This will worsen things and the stain would stay back forever. Instead put them to wash again, get rid of the stains and then leave them to the dryer.

Using Different Laundry Bags

If you have kids at home, it is better to guide them to keep their laundry sorted from the beginning. Use two different laundry bags, one white and one black. Ask them to put all whites in the white bag and other color clothes in the black one. This will make things sophisticated for everyone.

Final Words

Laundry may not be an easy task for all but since you want it to be done perfectly, we suggest getting services from the best laundry in Dubai. However, while you're getting things done for yourself, these laundry tips will be your best friends.

By Whites