7 Tips To Clean Your Clothes Like The Best Laundry In Dubai

12 Feb 2021

Doing the laundry often seems to be a task assigned to you for eternity. Despite being one of the most messed up chores, some of us tend to underestimate its importance. If you have ever done laundry yourself, you would know that caring for those valuable fabrics isn’t easy.

Of course, you can look for the best laundry in Dubai and keep your outfits intact. But did you ever try to know what makes these laundries be your saviors? We thought of sharing some of the most reliable laundry tips with you so that things get easier if ever you had to do them yourself.

At Whites, we use green technologies and traditional laundry and dry-cleaning methods. Certainly, we can help you with tips that you can easily apply at home too.

1. Let Dry Cleaning Be Optional

Most of your clothes may be labeled with “Dry Clean Only,” but don’t let this keep you from getting them to wash. You don’t need to follow what the labels on your clothes say unless you have considered the other side of the coin.

For those who don’t know, materials like wool, silk, and linen do not get damaged if they get wet. So, a light machine wash is always good for them. The chemical solvents used for dry cleaning could be the reason that your fabrics deteriorate faster.

Cutting down on dry cleaning could be beneficial. In case you are worried about dry cleaning, do a spot test before you proceed. Well, this doesn't mean you can skip dry cleaning forever anyway.

2. The Most Wanted Stain Removal Tip

Stains on your favorite clothes hurt and often get hard to remove. But hold on, there’s always hope. Pre-treating the stains increases the chances of their disappearance after wash. Drench the stained area into a stain remover or detergent before washing and let it sink for some time.

You may also try soaking the cloth in cold water for stain removal. Lastly, make the best use of your washing machine. Most machines come with an "Extra Help" or "Extra White" feature, which can aid stain cleaning during wash.

3. Limit The Use Of Detergents

If you thought using more detergent will ensure better cleaning of your clothes, you need to think about it the other way. Detergents often leave residues on the clothes, making them stiff, scratchy, and dull. Ultimately, your clothes start to age faster.

Using the right amount of detergent is key. It is also one factor we suggest to see when you hire services from a laundry in Dubai. While doing it yourself, make use of your high-tech machines that dispense only a sufficient amount of detergent for every wash. If not, one-tablespoon would be enough for a one-time household wash.

4. Be Friends With Cold Water

Unlike super hot water, cold water will prove to be less abrasive on the fabrics and prevent stretching or shrinkage. While hot water can make them faded, using cold water can keep your favorite outfits from looking faded and save your brights and darks.

Coldwater is also an energy-saving option (if you’re considerate about going green). However, warm water may be a good choice when you want better cleaning or jeans or soiled whites.

5. Dealing With Your Darks

You always need a way to keep your darks from being faded. Here’s a tip to keep them dark and vibrant even after wash. Turn your blacks, navy blues, and greens inside out before putting them in the machine for washing. It prevents the fabrics from rubbing against one another. This way, whatever color erosion happens will remain on the inner side only. You can wear perfect blacks or darks, as you love them.

6. Shorter Cycles During Machine Wash

Again, longer cycles will reduce the longevity of your clothes. Unless clothes are heavily soiled, try to reduce the spins to the least. For the delicate ones, opt for a gentle cycle or wash them with hands. It’s always better to look for ways that keep the quality of your clothes intact.

7. Reconsider The Dryer Settings

While most people prefer the “Regular” or “Normal” setting for their clothes in the dryer, they’ve been misled. It uses the highest amount of heat, which may not be good for most of your clothing except jeans and towels.

We suggest you go for delicate settings that use the lowest heat on clothes keeping the fabrics from any damage or shrinkage. Based on different fabrics, treat your clothing appropriately so that it doesn't deteriorate.


Using these laundry tips, you can consider doing it the better way. Moreover, there's a reason why many people look up to professional services. Handing over your clothes to the best laundry in Dubai will reduce your load of household responsibilities. Go ahead, get your clothes perfectly cleaned.

By Whites